Co-defining Llavors Creatives (Creative Seeds)

For Viu el Teatre


Brand Identity, Communication, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Visibility


Cultural, Educational


Education and art constantly seek for new spaces for intervention and collaboration. In an uncertain and ever-changing world, art and creativity equip teachers with the tools to provide a quality education that responds to the interests of students and helps them develop social and communication skills, as well as emotional intelligence.

In this context, the organization Viu el Teatre created the project Llavors Creatives (Creative Seeds), an initiative based on the pilot project Projecte Global d’Immersió a les Arts per a la Primera Infància (Global Project on Immersion in the Arts in Early Years Education) which aims to effectively introduce the arts in early childhood and in which we also took part.


TSVC has been commissioned to develop the project’s brand identity and graphic design, as well as to provide conceptual and content consulting, with a view to driving its success and scalability. The brand identity portrays a notion of growth, sustainability and sensitivity in early childhood and conveys the project values to the entire educational community in an accessible and effective manner. In other words, Creative Seeds promotes the introduction of arts education in early years, providing educators with tools and resources to do it with a stimulating, sensorial approach that puts students at the centre of the learning experience.