Introducing the arts in children’s everyday lives

For Viu el Teatre


Conceptualization, Content Curation, Learning Activities, Outreach, Report, Social Impact, Training


Cultural, Educational


Every day, education and art find new collaborative spaces for intervention. In an uncertain and changing world, teachers find in art and creativity tools to offer a quality education that responds to the students’ interests and helps develop social and communication skills, as well as emotional intelligence.

Along these lines, the organization Viu el Teatre (Enjoy Theatre) creates the Early Childhood Immersion in the Arts Global Project, an initiative with the aim of providing educational tools and resources to educators to boost the creativity of children aged 0-3. TSVC helped develop the methodological approach and the format and assessment of the sessions, to encourage the sharing of experiences and the application of creative processes and techniques of performing arts in the classroom.

Social Impact

The educators of the nurseries in Barcelona took part in this pilot project and it was very well received, especially in terms of using different resources that were already available in the classroom. The incorporation of techniques derived from the arts in the training of educators is key to promoting an active and creative education that helps generate different experiences and stimuli for children at this key stage for emotional and cognitive development, as it is stated in the article published in the Ara newspaper.