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Our purpose is to champion committed people and organizations by providing our expertise in these four intertwined areas of work: strategy, content, design and activation. We enjoy 360-degree projects, so we can cocreate and support you from the beginning to the end adding value at every stage, but we can also attune our proposals to your capacity and priorities.


At TSVC, we believe that ideas, consistency and impact must go hand in hand.
Our goal is to provide added value, based on results, to your organization, understanding that any investment in social projects must have a real impact on the final beneficiaries. Strategic action focuses on advancing your social impact and visibility. We rely on agile methodologies, service design and social innovation to maximize the commitment and accountability of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy or contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Social Impact Raise Awareness Visibility SDG CSR Social Innovation Agile Methodology Branding Service Design


Because we believe that contents reveal your identity, at TSVC we look for emotion to be the engine that communicates your values. For this reason, we conceptualize projects, curate content based on our fields of expertise and develop a storytelling that, despite its simplicity, does not neglect reflection. We put public, participants and end users of our products at the center; researching their needs and interests, using gamification to motivate them, and creating stories that work in different contexts and media, always looking for the best means to communicate the stories you want to convey and scale.

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Content Curation Storytelling Toolkit Copywriting Communication Handbook Learning Activities Research Conceptualization Report Gamification


At TSVC we use design to create leading-edge and exciting people-oriented experiences. In this way, we turn your particularities into strengths, communicating your values through your corporate identity and web design, widening them to social media and other products that require graphic and editorial design, illustration or infographics. We work with a large variety of digital media, from applications to digital learning platforms (LMS). We handle UX&UI design facilitating the navigation and usability of users, while focusing on achieving your goals.

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Brand Identity Graphic Design Editorial Design Information Design Social Media Web Design App Design LMS UX & UI Illustration Infographic


At TSVC we imagine new directions for the world to come, thus we manage projects of different scope and purpose. We support you in creating authentic experiences that inspire, mobilize and make people vibrate. We design calls for action and community participation processes, and empower people through workshops, training, immersive experiences and interactive products in order to help you tackle the main challenges of society.

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Call to Action Outreach Workshop Training Immersive Experinces Interactive Product Project Management

Vim Thinking is our methodology, which combines enthusiasm and energy with a strategic vision that integrates circular economy in our work processes. We take into account the economic, human and environmental sustainability dimensions in the relationships and projects we generate with our clients, suppliers and collaborators.

“The creativity and flexibility of The Social Vim Collective, as well as their professional knowledge on the subject of the manual, allowed us to obtain what we were looking for: an exciting and easy-to-use product. It has been very easy to work with them.”


Deputy General Director of Citizen Participation

“Thanks to the Rohingya Action Kit Antònia and Esther helped us get more than one million people out of oblivion. They explained the consequences of the forced exile in a very creative and understanding way, giving a face to the suffering that we, at MSF, are determined to alleviate.”


Head of Citizen Engagement at MSF

We share our knowledge

At TSVC we believe that the best way to learn is revealing our ideas to new generations. Their wit, concern and curiosity inspire and encourage the purpose of our organization. For this reason, we work for different universities spreading our interdisciplinary knowledge by giving talks, workshops and trainings.

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