Aligning corporate strategy with the Sustainable Development Goals



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The 2030 Agenda is broken down into 17 Sustainable Development Objectives, also known as SDGs, and was approved by 193 Member States of the United Nations with the aim of advancing towards a more inclusive, prosperous, fair and sustainable global society. It seeks to involve public administrations, companies and the associative network and the citizenry so that together they face the main social, economic and environmental challenges of globalization, with the motto “Leaving No One Behind”.

The SDGs are a framework for organizations to drive progress in the face of these global challenges. Creating corporate strategies aligned with the SDGs makes it possible to identify the risks, promote innovations and reinforce the image and trust in front of potential interest groups (investors, clients, workers and suppliers, among others). From this perspective, TSVC designs the workshop Integration of the SDG in the collective agreements: a practical approach to develop a socially responsible company with the aim of helping small and medium size companies to become socially responsible through the incorporation of actions and purposes that help integrate the SDGs to their business model or mission.

Social Impact

A motivating and transformative project which has been valued by 100% of its participants —from approximately 10 small and medium-sized companies— in a notoriously positive way in all editions of the program. The course has been highly valued both for its organization, for the contents and for the teaching staff who taught it —a member of the TSVC team—, as well as for its real transfer to the workplace.