Spreading healthy habits through visual communication

For Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial


Conceptualization, Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Infographic, Information Design, Raise Awareness




At present we live worrying about time, but we have disconnected from its original cadence. We no longer pay attention to our internal clocks responsible for appetite, sleep, energy or fatigue that we feel throughout the day, which is it translates into cardiovascular problems, metabolic diseases such as diabetes or obesity and mental disorders.

Doctors Eduard and Carla Estivill have developed the Tokei Method, based on chronobiology, that encourages us to listen to our body and reconnect with its rhythms through simple and practical tips. TSVC portrayed graphically and in an understandable and attractive way the most relevant information of El Método Tokei book, translating scientific content into information accessible to all audiences. We created and designed infographics, charts and concept maps that were developed collaboratively with the doctors.