Responsibly communicating a business split

For Octo Event Productions


Brand Identity, Communication, Copywriting, CSR, Graphic Design, Storytelling, UX & UI, Web Design




Octo is a powerful and experienced audiovisual company with an international approach that helps clients to boost their brand values and performance by producing advanced corporate events using the most advanced technology. Octo is born from a difficult business split. As such it seeks to position itself and communicate its activity ethically, respecting the agreements and integrity of all the parties involved.

TSVC is commissioned to create the corporative identity and the graphic code, as well as the different slogans to position the company in the international sector, including the website design, the communication on social networks and the digital newsletters. Octo means “comparable to an octopus, organization that, thanks to its tentacles, is capable of adapting to the environment and doing different tasks at the same time”. The company consists of a young team of multidisciplinary professionals with a wide range of professional backgrounds that seek to transmit the idea of commitment, flexibility and efficiency, which is translated in its name and graphics.