Creating a community of more than 65,000 digital pioneers

For Médecins Sans Frontières


Agile Methodology, App Design, Conceptualization, Content Curation, Gamification, Interactive Product, Outreach, Project Management, Service Design, Research, Social Impact, Social Innovation, Storytelling, Toolkit, Training, UX & UI


Humanitarian, Educational


Being digitally competent means using digital technologies in a confident and safe way for various purposes such as working, getting a job, learning, shopping online, obtaining health information, being included and participating in society, as described in the European Digital Competence Framework. Many organizations are enhancing the acquisition of digital skills among their staff in order to improve both productivity and capacity building.

Médecins Sans Frontières is a leading NGO when it comes to innovation and human resources initiatives; more than the 80% of staff comes from local areas, which means that the organization fosters the creation of jobs and the development of skills in the communities where they intervene. One of the main gaps identified was the lack of digital skills, which happened across countries and teams.


TSVC received a briefing to imagine and develop a learning experience that would foster those skills while generating a community of digital learners. After going to Ethiopia in order to analyse the level of digital literacy and understand the intervention contexts, we developed Digital Pioneers. Digital Pioneers is an empowering and engaging field-oriented kit that aims to develop the digital skills while providing transversal knowledge on MSF principles and behaviours. Based on gamified and evidence-based storytelling, Digital Pioneers offers the users the chance to engage in a cutting-edge learning experience created under the principles of sustainability, accessibility and a development focused on service design. We were in charge of conceptualizing the product, creating the contents and stories with the help of Médecins Sans Frontières, and coordinating the production (visual design and UX). The product was tested as MVP in Nigeria and later improved. Currently, Digital Pioneers is being implemented in all Médecins Sans Frontières headquarters and projects with a global reach.

Social Impact

Digital Pioneers was firstly tested in the projects run by MSF OCBA with great success and it is now being used in all the projects run by the other operational centers of the organization (Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Geneva). This means that the product will reach over 65.000 workers from all kinds of professional profiles in the more than 70 countries where the organization carries out its medical and humanitarian mission.