Engaging citizens in one of the biggest current exoduses

For Médecins Sans Frontières


Call to Action, Information Design, Project Management, Raise Awareness, Social Impact, Web Design




Over 650,000 Rohingya refugees fled from Burma to Bangladesh in 2017. They were running away from the last wave of violence against their community, which has been suffering from persecution and forced displacement for decades. The dimension of the exodus that year was unprecedented and generated improvised refugee settlements in which people lived under deplorable conditions. In this context, the Kutupalong refugee camp, located in Cox’s Bazar, became the largest in the world.

To report the situation, the Department of Citizen Engagement of Médecins Sans Frontières reached out to us to design a call to action with the aim to give a face and a voice to this massive exodus. TSVC designed the Rohingya Action Kit, a digital kit that proposed 7 steps you could take as a citizen to denounce the situation and collaborate with the medical and humanitarian action of MSF. This call to action also had the objective to promote the visit to the traveling exhibition on the subject and the raising of leads and funds.

Social Impact

With this kit we were able to make visible the suffering and injustices experienced by the Rohingya community, developing a complex campaign in which the citizen engagement fundraising and digital content departments of the organization took part. The different pieces contained in the kit can also be used for social media outreach, including the video of the Kutupalong refugee camp performed by Playground.

“Thanks to the Rohingya Action Kit Antònia and Esther helped us get more than one million people out of oblivion. They explained the consequences of the forced exile in a very creative and understanding way, giving a face to the suffering that we, at MSF, are determined to alleviate.”


Head of Citizen Engagement at MSF