Enhancing school innovation through collaborative spaces design

For Fundació Jaume Bofill


Agile Methodology, Call to Action, Conceptualization, Outreach, Research, Social Impact, Social Innovation, Toolkit, Workshop




Over the last few years, there has been a growing interest in rethinking, from an interdisciplinary approach, the role of school spaces with the aim of facilitating the incorporation of new dynamics and ways of teaching and learning. In this regard, the design and reorganization of educational spaces can favour the optimization of learning and the creation of a positive, welcoming, education-friendly climate.

Fundació Jaume Bofill entrusted us with the design of the first of a series of “calls” that aim to collectively rethink education in the 21st century. This led to create Hack the School, an open challenge project that invited 30 schools and high schools to redesign their school spaces, with the support of expert advisors, workshops and a specific methodological kit. TSVC cocreated the milestones of the project with the foundation, delivered different workshops and created the methodological kit in collaboration with the architect Silvia Sasot.

Social Impact

The Hack the School call generated the participation of thousands of teachers, children and families from all over Catalonia who rethought education based on the transformation of spaces. The project scaled up at the institutional level, and thanks to the results, the revision of legal regulations for the construction of new educational spaces was promoted with the involvement of architects, educators and other educational agents of the city.

Reflections on the project were presented in different radio programs (RNE, Catalunya) and written press (El País) and have also been collected on the book Teacher Transition into Innovative Learning Environments (Springer, 2020).


City of Barcelona Award


The project Hack the School won the City of Barcelona Award (2017) «for the way of understanding and using design as a tool of social and collective transformation, inviting the different agents to participate in a collective process of reflection, proposal and implementation», as highlighted by the jury of the award.