Consolidating EduCaixa as a digital transformation leader

For EduCaixa


Agile Methodology, Conceptualization, Learning Activities, LMS, Project Management, Service Design, Research, UX & UI, Workshop






Digitization is a global trend that is transforming the way users consume or interact with organizations. This transformation is linked to greater personalization of products and services thanks to the opportunities offered by technological advances and incorporation such as Big Data, artificial intelligence or virtual or augmented reality. Education is no alien to these trends and has been exploring new ways of democratizing and innovating for years, taking into account the potential that technology brings. As the Horizon 2021 report indicates, education is moving towards a hybrid educational model, where the offer of open and quality resources will be key to achieve SDG 4. In this process of global change, EduCaixa is committed to join the latest trends in education, including a commitment to the digitization of its resources and programs.


TSVC has been commissioned the definition of the digital experience for students. To respond to this commission, TSVC proposes several co-design and ideation sessions focused on service design allowing the elaboration of proposals that adjust to the organization and that also incorporate the latest know-how in digital education. To achieve this goal and find solutions to the briefing, TSVC carries out a series of workshops based on ad hoc dynamics. The first workshop, under the concept of immersion, explores trends in digital education; the second workshop, under the concept of ideation, explores the possible characteristics of the digital education model for students; and the third workshop, under the concept of experience, specifies the attributes from a strategic point of view. The result is a decalogue that explains, in a practical and concrete way, what the main attributes of the students’ digital learning experience are; seeking not only a framework but also to position EduCaixa, in the medium and long term, as a leading organization in digital education.