Building bridges between the robotics industry and education



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Both the European Union and the European Commission are currently launching a series of actions designed to encourage the adoption of science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects, such as the European Skills Agenda, the Youth Employment Support Package and the Digital Education Action Plan. Learning STEAM skills helps students develop social, cooperative, and critical skills while fostering their computer and technology literacy. AER (Spanish Association of Robotics and Automation), considers that STEAM skills are key for future generations and wants to be an active part of education and the promotion of talent, and to this end it is activating different communication actions to raise awareness among both the education and the robotics sectors.


TSVC is responsible for generating all communication actions to promote the commitment of the STEAM education sector, both in terms of branding and content. Under the hashtag #WeAerEducation, a landing page is created which includes a manifesto that outlines the main lines of action and where people from the world of robotics and the world of education can make their contributions. #WeAerEducation was presented at Advanced Factories, the largest trade fair in southern Europe for industrial automation, robotics, machine tools and digital manufacturing. TSVC also designed the AER stand for the occasion and disseminated this initiative through a press release and other analog and digital communication pieces.


Thanks to the press release written by TSVC, which presents key information about what was done at the fair, various media outlets have echoed the event. This initiative had a significant impact on the general media, with a presence in newspapers such as La Vanguardia and Público or specialized publications such as Automoción e Instrumentación.