Fostering children’s autonomy for a better future

For Danone


Content Curation, CSR, Learning Activities, Raise Awareness, Research




Autonomy is a key aspect in kids’ education, since it is directly related to self-esteem and cognitive development. By promoting autonomy, we are providing a solid base for the lifelong learning and the necessary confidence to face future challenges.


In 2015, the multinational Danone reviewed their CSR strategy and decided to promote children’s autonomy among the families consuming their products in emerging economies countries. TSCV, together with a group of international experts in education (Brazil, USA and UK), provided the scientific basis and creative ideas to disseminate messages and actions that enhanced autonomy. This way, we collaborated with the content revision of the app Dino Adventures, the monitoring of communication campaigns, the adaptation of the packaging and the design of the educational activities. These activities were posted in social media and in a specialized website that helps parents incorporate healthy habits and promote autonomy in children’s everyday lives.

Social Impact

The creation of hundreds of educational activities, advice on healthy habits and nutrition that reached approximately 481 million people in 2016, including infants, families and educational references in their environment. Also advice on the design and content of the Dino Adventures app, based on the development of Gardner’s multiple intelligences, which became one of the most downloaded in Spain, Brazil, Germany, France, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Russia. Thus, our commitment to the client focused on reinforcing social commitment, with the aim of contributing to the dissemination of autonomy as a key competence for the future of infants.