Supporting the teachers who want to leave their mark

For Penguin Random House


Conceptualization, Copywriting, Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Storytelling




Teaching is a profession that challenges everyone who is doing it; being a teacher means establishing relationships of trust with students and accompanying them in many moments of their lives. Reality often exceeds expectations, which is why planning, but also flexibility, are key aspects for a good management of the educational task. According to the report Teachers in Europe Careers, Development and Well-being (Eurydice, 2021), 47% of teachers suffer from work-related stress. According to the study, this is related to the distribution of their working hours (teaching, planning and management) and the temporary nature of hiring, among other aspects.


TSVC is commissioned to create an agenda for primary school teachers with a playful but also functional approach, in order to reduce the time that education professionals spend planning their day-to-day activities in schools. The TSVC team has been involved in the project in a holistic way, has created the contents and proposals to facilitate the teaching task and has also designed the graphic line of the project. The agenda goes beyond being a space to help teachers organize their daily routine; it helps reflect on the way of teaching, supports the creation of innovative activities and proposes ways to reduce stress and remember memorable moments. The agenda also accompanies the teacher to find himself/herself, emphasizing the value of his/her task and helping to create emotional oases and reflection in his/her day to day life.