Creating a new brand identity for a children’s magazine

For Cocoter


Brand Identity, Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration


Cultural, Educational




COCOTER is a quarterly children’s magazine for boys and girls from the age of 7. With a careful design, the magazine includes articles, stories and activities around a main topic. Designed for children, the magazine fosters learning from a fun and exciting perspective. COCOTER encourages children’s curiosity and reading skills by working cross-sectionally on topics from a variety of fields such as science, history, nature, society and art, among others.


TSVC created COCOTER’s magazine identity and regularly advises their team on graphic issues. Thus, TSVC supports the creation of new colour palettes as well as the creation of new monkeys, a character linked to the magazine’s branding. These monkeys are related to the central theme of each issue; we can find reading monkeys, palaeontologists or astronauts, and so on. In this way, the aim is to create an attractive graphic style for children that brings all kinds of knowledge to the little ones.