Fostering the vision of Barcelona as an educating city

For Consell d’Innovació Pedagògica, Ajuntament de Barcelona


Brand Identity, Communication, Copywriting, Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Infographic, Storytelling, Visibility




The Charter of Educating Cities was signed in Barcelona in 1990 to reaffirm the commitment of cities with education from a communitarian point of view; i.e. through participatory cooperation and participatory coexistence. The role of the educating cities is to encourage collaborations, foster interactions, and promote networking among different institutions, in order to develop the population’s strengths in an inclusive and heterogeneous way.

Consell d’Innovació Pedagògica (Pedagogical Innovation Council; CIP for its acronym in Catalan) is an educational agent from Barcelona, formed by a group of more than 170 institutions committed in the construction of an educating city through the creation of unique and multidisciplinary educational experiences. Bringing visibility to their work and impact, TSVC designed an integrated communication strategy, which included the content and the graphic design, with a triple objective: 1. To create a unique communication and identity that speaks to the added-value of the Pedagogical Innovation Council; 2. To bring visibility to the Council’s contributions to educational quality and equity; and 3.To create an effective communication through different actions and broadcast materials to convey their programs and initiatives to diverse audiences.

Social Impact

The creation and the development of the graphic identity, together with the deployment of different informative and dissemination materials on the educational offer of the CIP institutions, has enabled more than 30,000 students from educational centers to participate in the project Oportunitats Educatives. This program makes it possible for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate in educational activities offered by organizations that are part of CIP for free, promoting educational equity.