n. energy and enthusiasm

Our philosophy is based on the concept vim, which means “energy” and “enthusiasm” in English. TSVC is a multidisciplinary team that enjoys creating projects that connect with people through emotions, reflections and calls to action.

To make this possible, we work flexibly thanks to an extended net of local and international collaborators who add imagination, creativity and innovation to our projects and allow us to adapt to the needs of each client.

Antònia Arrom

Creative Direction

Esther Belvis

Creative Direction

Andrea Sánchez

Trends & insights

Hagar Engel

Graphic designer

Titus Kipruto



City of Barcelona Award


The project Hack the School won the City of Barcelona Award (2017) «for the way of understanding and using design as a tool of social and collective transformation, inviting the different agents to participate in a collective process of reflection, proposal and implementation», as highlighted by the jury of the award.


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